“No Place For Hate” Action Sports High School Tour Heading To Orange County

No Place for Hate tour

One out of every four high school students has reported being bullied during the school year. ASA Entertainment, the country’s leading action sports event producer, is taking action to prevent bullying and increase awareness of its effects by visiting 100 high schools in 20 cities across America with an entertaining, educational and impactful action sports assembly program. The ASA High School Tour will visit the Orange County area for performances at Firebaugh High School on Tuesday, November 14th, Carson Senior High School on Wednesday, November 15th, Duncan McCulloch High School on Thursday, November 16th, and Phineas Banning High School on Friday, November 17th.

The program brings five top skateboarding, BMX and inline skating pros to high school campuses to perform incredible stunts on a specially designed 12-foot high mobile half pipe ramp while educating the students about bullying prevention and how to be an ally to victims of bullying. These shows present a rare opportunity for students to interact with these elite-level athletes in a one-on-one setting.

The combination of an action-packed performance by top X-Games pros, paired with the bullying prevention message, captivates students in a unique way and helps them retain the important facts. The goals of the ASA High School Tour are to increase awareness of the realities of bullying in high schools and share a preventative and positive message for change with students.

The list of pros scheduled to appear on the Tour includes Mykel Larrin, Coco Zurita, Paul-Luc, Pat Casey, Anthony Napolitan, Dane Beardsley, Koji Kraft, Alex Landeros, Zach Newman, Zack Warden, Colton Satterfield, Josh Stafford, Mat Olson, Eito Yasutoko, Trevor Meyer, and Vince Byron.

2017 will mark the 18th year that ASA Entertainment has produced the Tour, visiting over 1,500 schools and reaching 3 million students. Through the support of its backers, which includes the U.S. Marine Corps, the Anti- Defamation League and ASA Entertainment, the Tour’s events are provided to schools free of charge.

“The ASA High School Tour is probably the most rewarding program we produce,” said ASA Entertainment CEO, Rick Bratman. “The ASA staff, the action sports pros and the sponsors whole-heartedly support the Tour’s cause and message. When kids come up to us and say they decided to help a classmate avoid a difficult situation through an act of kindness because of our program, it is exceptionally gratifying.”

About ASA Entertainment:

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