‘No Hate Tour’ speaks to Shawnee Heights HS students on bullying prevention through action sports

Photo of No Hate Tour at Shawnee heights

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – The Action Sports Association High School Tour spoke to Shawnee Heights High School students on Tuesday on ways to prevent bullying through action sports.

The ASA “No Hate Tour” is a program of professional BMX riders and skateboarders, they use action sports to ‘drive home’ lessons about bullying prevention tools.

“It has been a rough year for everyone and everybody’s been home and we’ve been very socially distance,” Shawnee Heights HS Social Worker, Corey Hinton said. “So I’m hoping that you know them seeing professionals doing different sports and tricks and things that it will just kind of put some excitement within them.”

Shawnee Heights High School used a unique method to talk about bullying prevention.

“I think students get kind of tired of the same oh thing that we’ve just kind of said over and over and the posters that we’ve had and I thought this would be an exciting way so maybe spark some interest in just to remind them that they could be there for each other and to step up when they need to,” Hinton explained.

The event featured some high-flying athletes doing stunts on BMX bikes while show emcee Zach Yankush shared statistics on bullying and tips to stop it.

“It’s one thing if you see it on tv or on the internet but when you see it in person, you see these guys going upside down it’s really really captivating and we literally use that to grab the kids attention and then bring home that really important message,” Zack Yankush, the No Hate Tour Manager said.

The event was sponsored by the U.S. marines who want to provide students with resources.

“We’re not about bullying, were all about teamwork and supporting each other. When it comes to things that were able to do as marines, it kind of starts back here in high school being able to take care of one another,” Sgt. Daniel Holley with the U.S. Marines said.

“Those people in high school may not be equipped with the same tools that adults may be so, we want to come out and spread awareness so that they’re to get the resources, and help they need at the earlier stages rather than when it’s too late,” Sgt. Holley said.

Students and teachers even got in on the action reminding students to ask for help when they’re in need.

“By reaching out so I may be doing some events like this and different activities and they’ll know that it’s ok to talk about it and it’s ok to come to staff and the teachers and anyone else in the building,” Hinton said.

Shawnee Heights encourages any students to contact an adult, staff member or counselor if they are, or knows anyone that needs help, or call the national suicide prevention number at (800)-273-8255.

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